Tong Lang Beach

Tong Lang is one of the smaller beaches on Koh Larn measuring slightly less than 200 meters. The stretch of sand here is narrower than the other beaches, but there still is plenty of area to stretch out on. Tonglang is mainly accessible by boat there are no roads to this beach. It is also accessible by hiking down a steep narrow path or on a cement walkway that extends from Tawaen Beach. If you come on the ferry to Tawaen Beach you need to walk the length of Tawaen and then the short distance on the cement walkway total walking distance from the ferry is 1.4Km..  I personally have been to this beach only once mainly because of the hike to this beach, there for I don't have many photos or much information about this beach.

Some photos from around Pattaya Beach

The annual Water Buffalo races near Pattaya --->

Tong Lang Beach

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