Tawaen Beach

of Koh Larn

Tawaen Beach is by far the most developed and the most visited beach on Koh Larn. On any given day by my estimate there are well over three thousand visitors, come to this beach. On the weekend that number may double for many people come down from Bangkok to enjoy a weekend of relaxation on the island far removed from their city life. This is also a place that attracts international tourist from all over the globe. Most any major language can be understood here to a certain degree, the people that work here cater to international travelers on a daily basis. Most of the restaurants will specialize in one or two types of international cuisine, one may specialize in Russian food whereas another may serve Chinese and so on. All the activities can be found here, Jet Ski, Banana Boat and more. There are several resorts here if you would like to stay at Tawaen Beach for the night, have a look at my Resorts page for more information. Enjoy!

Tawaen Beach Pier, Koh Larn Ferry to Tawaen Beach

Tropical, yes, this is early January and the temp is about C 26 degrees with a nice gentile breeze. The ocean temp about C 24 degrees, ahhhh. No snow forecast for today. The gentle slope of the beach is perfect for wadding into the ocean.

Just one of the many vendors along Tawean beach they sell just about anything you can think of here. Besides swim wear, sunglasses, hats and tee-shirts, many beautiful handcrafted items can be found many made right on the island. I found the prices to be a real bargain.

Sun worshipers from all over the world come here to gather the morning rays. When they return to their homeland they get to brag about a newly acquired tan. Be sure to bring sun block you can easily get too much sun.

Sun set at Tawaen Beach of Koh Larn Island

Sunsets like this happen after most of the Koh Larn visitors have gone back to the city. There are nice rooms here.

Looking for some sea shells.

This is the a walkway between Tawaen Beach and Tonglang Beach. It starts at the north end of Tawaen Beach it is only about 200 meters between the two beaches.

Russ Thorne
Fishing boat in Bang Saray, with Koh Larn Island in the distant background

Fishing boat in Bang Saray, with Koh Larn Island in the distant background

Photo by Russ Thorne

Tawaen Beach of Koh Larn

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