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Koh Larn

NEW:    Just recently the motorbike rentals have gone up from 200B to 300B per day they all charge the same

Getting around by baht bus

Baht bus fleet on Koh Larn

Baht buses are located near the Wat that is about a 100 meters from the main pier in the village. As you walk away from the ferry boat you will come to a T crossing when you get there turn left and follow the small street until you get to where they park the baht busses. When you get there just ask for the baht bus going to the beach you want. They usually wait for their baht bus to  fill before leaving which often doesn’t take very long. At the beaches there are almost always a few on standby to take you where you want to go.


Motor bike taxi

Motorbike Taxis on Koh Larn Island, Pattaya Beach, Thailand.

Motor bike taxis at the pier waiting to take visitors to the beaches. I call this the gauntlet, try not to be intimidated, they are here for your service. I know most of these guys, and they all live on the island. Some of these guys are third and fourth generation residents here on the island, so they know the island very well. The fares these guys charge are as reasonable as it gets. They all carry a tourist map with the fares marked on it, they won't bargain here with the fares they all charge the same. The fares are for each person, some folks believe that if they fit two passengers on one bike they get a discount, not so, you pay for each person. Otherwise some would try to fit five or so on one bike to get the discount. I my self have had four persons and a dog on my bike, anything is possible here.

Motorbike Taxis will also take you on a tour of the island for 400B. They will take you to all of the beaches for a quick look then you decide which one you like the best.

Motor bike rentals

Motor bike rentals on Koh Larn

Rental price from Naban pier (main village) --- 300B

Rental price from Tawaen beach------------------300B

Rental price for 24 hours---------------------------400B

(bring back in the morning)

Motor bike rentals, if you are the adventurous type, this is the way to fly. You come and go as you please. These are all late model bikes and all are well maintained. Do a pre-inspection with the owner and you can take a few snapshots if you like before departing on your journey. I have rented motorbike on Koh Larn many times and have never had any problem at all. There are many road signs on the island should keep you from getting too lost. Be careful while riding around it can be easy to be taken in by the scenery and get into an accident, it is best to stop and look around. Cost of renting one of these for the entire day is around 300baht in the main village.

Motor bike rentals on Koh Larn
Motor bike rentals on Koh Larn
Motor bike rentals on Koh Larn

Bring your motor bike with you

If you plan to spend a few days on Koh Larn and you own your own motorbike, then you may want to bring your motorbike along with you to the island. The cost of bringing your own motorbike along with you on the ferry is 200 Baht each way, this includes loading and unloading of your motorbike. If you’re just coming to Koh Larn for a day trip, then renting a motorbike for the day is your best option.


They do not take the larger bikes, such as the Honda PCX and bigger.



As there is an ever increasing number of tourist visiting Koh Larn, there is also an ever increasing number of tourist riding around the island on motorbikes. Many of them with little or no experience riding motorbike. With the increase of people riding around the island there is a proportionately increase in the number of accidents. Another factor is the scenery, it is easy to be looking at the scenery instead of where you are going. If you see something that interest you, stop in a safe place first that way you are safer and you can have a better look.

please be careful and most of all enjoy Koh Larn.

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Getting around on Koh Larn

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Old Harley Davidson at the Pattaya Burapha Bike Week.