Nual Beach

Nual Beach is located at the southern most part of Koh Larn, Nual beach is another nice beach on the island. It has gone through a few changes in recent years. A few years back there was a resort call Koh Larn Resort, a nice charming place as I remember. It was cleared out and demolished a couple years ago to make room for a new larger resort. Local protest however put a stop to its development and for now at least it is on hold.

       There are now no permanent structures on Nual Beach everything here is portable but there are still restrooms, showers and many food stalls and restaurants. I like the style of the beach hut type restaurants and facilities that this has created it gives it a charm all its own. As with all the other beaches here on Koh Larn, this beach also sports white sands and clear blue waters and is great for swimming and snorkeling.

      One of the things that sets this beach apart from all the others is that it is inhabited by a small group of monkeys. Visitors love to see the monkeys on the hillside, and you can feed them if you want.


The Nual Beach Monkeys

Nual Beach has a tribe of monkeys that live on the hill overlooking the beach. The visitors to this beach love to climb the hill to get a closer look and feed the monkeys. While these monkeys are pretty docile they can at times become aggressive and bite especially if provoked. There have been two reports lately of people being bitten by these monkeys. I don't know if the monkeys were provoked or not but one thing for sure, it isn't a very good idea to tease them.

The Pattaya Bay Light House

Photo by Russ Thorne

A few photos of Nual Beach from the past

More old photos from Nual Beach

Nual beach

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