Parasailing on

Koh Larn

Parasailing on Koh Larn

Parasailing on Koh Larn

       Para sailing behind speed boat, is a total kick, I mean your up there flying like a bird. The the wind in your face, ocean below your feet and nothing but sky above, what can I say. This activity is not for the faint at heart, when you come down your adrenalin will be pumping. What a rush. Cost for this little attitude adjustment 500  Bahts. The trip may only last about a minute, but the after affects go much longer than that.

        This activity is open in the early part of the day, up until noon, then they shut it all down. So get to the island at least an hour before. Ask any taxi and they will be happy to take you to the boat that goes to the platform. A bit of advice here, be prepared to get wet and have fun, I make no bonze about it.

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