Motorbike riding just happens to be something I personally have allot of experience in, and I never seem to tire of it. In Thailand motorbike is a major source of personal transportation. For my transportation needs here on the island a motorbike is perfect, the roads are just too narrow for a bigger vehicle. Also my fossil fuel consumption is about two liters a week whereas before in the states it was fifty times that conservatively speaking.


Motorbike rentals are widely available on the island. All of the motorbikes for rent here are all late models and are well maintained for your riding pleasure and safety. Most of the motorbikes have automatic clutch, with some even being fully automatic, so you don't even need to shift gears. The cost is around 300bahts for the entire day with rates going down to about 200bahts after 2pm. For exploring the island motorbike is the way to go. A map of the island is supplied with each motorbike. There are many road signs written in English, on the island that should keep you from getting lost. If however you do get lost it won't take you long to find your way again, the island is not that big.

Motorbike Riding for fun on Koh Larn
Koh Larn
Koh Larn
Koh Larn
old street scene Koh Larn

One of the streets located within the village of Koh Larn, the streets here get even narrower than this. Some of the streets may not look like streets at all but more like foot paths. Many visitors like to stroll around the village just to look around. Most of the residents here on Koh Larn are freindly by nature and don't seem to mind when people go exploring about. It would still be a good idea to use good judgment and be polite, it will go a long way. During heavy rains this street can become a small river.

Koh Larn

Some Safety Tips
I would like to give some safety tips here even to the experienced rider me included. When riding around the island keep your eyes on the road. I know that may sound stupid, but it is really easy here to be looking at something and all of a sudden the road takes a turn and off into a ditch you go. There is plenty of time to stop take a look around and then off to the next place. There are no signal lights here, hell there isn't even a stop sign on the entire island, so be careful at intersections. When riding around the village please be careful, there are many children playing about. I recommend parking the bike and just take a stroll, and besides you'll see allot more that way.

Honda PCX 150

motor bike riding on koh larn

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