Fishing on Koh Larn

Koh Larn  twenty years ago was mainly a community of people that made their living by fishing. Today there is still evidence of that area gone by. There are many villagers here that still make their living fishing the ocean on boats large and small. I see all the time the fishing boats going to places unknown to me, returning with a bevy of fresh catch to be sold in the local market. Fresh, and I mean fresh, fish in the market is sold by the Kilo, at what I call bargain prices. Other seafood like crab, prawn, lobster and squid can be had at a fraction of the cost of where I come from. Crab you say, for an afternoon snack, why not, I used to pay more for a Big Mac at Mcdonalds.

To catch the really big fish you need to go out on a fishing boat. Charters are available here and I will gather more about availability of charter later. I don't speak the native language here very well so information to me can be slow at times. However there are many piers located around the island for your fishing enjoyment. The piers range from rickety old wooden structures that I tread on very carefully to state of the art concrete and steel. Fishing from pier won't net you the big game caught from boat, but it's a great way to spend a quiet day and it's almost free.

An old pier barely standing, I wouldn't walk out on this one.

The main pier at Tawaen Beach, Koh Larn

This pier located on the side of the island facing the city. On a clear day you can almost reach out and grab one of the high rise buildings that line the mainland. This is a very quiet spot, a good place to catch up on your favorite novel, enjoy a nice breeze and who knows maybe even catch enough for dinner. Good luck.

The pier here has since been closed. Time has taken it's toll on this one and is unsafe to walk on. I have included this photo because it is interesting to look at.

Update this pier did collapse during a light storm, it didn't take much for it to come down.

A few Thai fishing boats, these are commercial fishing boats located in Baan Ampur, Thailand.

Thai Fishing Boats photo set ONE

Thai Fishing Boats photo set TWO

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