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Naban village Koh Larn aerial view

A Big Buddha on the hill over looking Tawaen Beach. There are motorbike trails that lead to this attraction. This is also on the way to the temple on top of the mountain there is a long set of stairs that lead up to that temple.

Naban village Koh Larn aerial view

The main village that faces Pattaya is called Naban. Naban is where most of the resturants resorts and homes of the people that live on Koh Larn are located. Naban really has a charm of it's own. While I couldn't catalog all the features of Naban I will try to give you an idea of what it is like. This like the website will be ongoing. Thank you. While Naban is not new for Koh Larn the page for Naban is new on this website, so I have put it here on the new for Koh Larn web page temporarily.

Aside from visiting Koh Larn often I also scan the Internet for new ideas for this website. I check many media types and I check many times each day. You Tube is a great resource but it is hit and miss. When I find a great video to share I share it here. This drone footage is by far the best aerial footage I have seen of Koh Larn to date. The footage is smooth and easy to watch, and it is in 4K.

Koh Larn Drone footage

Glass bottom kayaks are a new item on the beaches of Koh Larn these days. As you would imagine these are great for seeing the ocean floor but also you can explore a little of the shoreline too. I don't have a rental rate yet but when I find out I will post it here but I am sure it is very reasonable, so go have some fun.

The new floating pier on Samae Beach

There is this new floating pier (pictured above) at the south end of Samae Beach, and another one located next to the main pier in Naban. The one pictured here is on Samae Beach. I am sure these will be located at most of the beaches very soon.

The old style floating pier on Koh Larn, these are very easy to loose your balance.

The old style floating pier on Tawaen Beach. This type of pier is very hard to keep your balance on. Moving your luggage on this can be very difficult and you risk loosing it over the edge.

  • Glass bottom Kayaks for rent see the ocean floor
  • New Zip line near Naul Beach.
  • Renting a motorbike YouTube video.
  • The Koh Larn Ferry is back on the regular schedule as before. The fare is still 30 Baht.
  • Samae Beach and the main village (Naban) have new floating piers which are by far easier to keep your balance on, you hardly know they are floating on water.

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