Koh Larn countdown 2022 celebration!

Pattaya City and the people of Koh Larn community invite everyone to come and celebrate New Years Eve. After the end of the old year and welcome the new year. Together on Koh Larn

Night of January 31, 2021 New Years Eve!

Watch free music concerts with Paradox.

Watch the fireworks in the middle of the sea of ​​Koh Larn, more than 2,500 shots to celebrate the new Buddhist era grandiose

Naban main Pier, Koh Larn from 19.30 onwards


January 1, 2022

Join the merit-making ceremony to welcome the new morning, new year, new year.

Offering food to monks in the morning - offering offerings to monks (9 monks)

 At Wat Mai Samran (Koh Larn) from 07.19 onwards

Wear a mask, keep distance, wash your hands often, be safe.

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