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If you come to Koh Larn you may discover that it would be nice to stay a few nights. I personally liked it so much that I ended up staying for two years, back in 2002-2004. Back then there were food on Koh Larnonly a hand full of places to stay and some of those didn't even have full time electricity. Most rooms lacked air conditioning and hot water. Much has changed since then, there are at least ten or twenty times the number of places to stay. Almost all rooms available on Koh Larn have both air conditioning and hot water these days. The number of restaurants has exploded in recent years and now days many of them have ocean views.

Sea Beach Guest HouseSea Beach Guest House has three locations to choose from one of them is only forty meters from the pier in Na Baan. Rooms start at 800B week days during low season.

Sea Beach Guest house
Phone   081-810-31

Sea Beach Guest house on Koh Larn

Rimtalay Resort Koh Larn

Rimtalay Resort sits along the shore facing Pattaya and Jomtien. Bungalow style rooms of large and small, there are also row style rooms. There is even a house for rent if you are in a group or just have that need for extra space. Ocean views from nice patios are especially nice in the evening. The drawback is the distance to the main village, it would be a great walk during the day but not at night because of dogs. Room Rates start at 1,000B during the week


Rimtalay Resort
Phone   089-2484844

Rimtalar Resort of Koh Larn
Lareena Resort on Koh Larn

Lareena Resort is just on the left as you are coming to the island on the ferry. A very well appointed resort, with tasteful decor in all rooms. If you want to be close to the village and have beautiful views of Jomtien then this is the place for you. All rooms have Air con and hot water. This is the kind of place to that whispers relax. Room rates start at

Lareena Resort
Phone   081-637-4442


lareena Resort view of Jomtien
boon chuin resort Koh Larn

Booncheun resort
Phone   086-8494935

Choosri Resort on Koh Larn


Choosri Resort
Phone   081-9458824

Sin U Rai Resort on Koh Larn


Sin U Rai Resort
Phone   081-744-2926

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I hope if you get the chance to visit Koh Larn, that you have a wonderful time!.
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